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- "When injustice becomes right, the resistance is obligated",

Bertold Brecht


 If you are expecting a long list of BDSM-Shops

- in the Internet, in and around Munich - , 

where you could go shopping for me, then you are mistaken !

As I have a plethora of beautiful clothes,
I do not need anything new at the moment.
Furthermore I prefer choosing, trying and buying clothes by myself.
If you really want to do something good for me,
you can make a small or bigger charitable donation as follows, thank you ! :

For animals - especially for the dog breed "greyhounds" and the like : 

Zona de Galgos

society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in North Rhine Westphalia
- A.L.F. e.V.  -
will be thankful 
I also hope that my candidates realize,
that I am the only dominatrix in Munich/Bavaria
practicing at her own, private BDSM-Studio on her own.
That they hold me and my competence in high regard pinning
for a "mean dangerous conversation" and clinic- or SM-session 
with me and at my studio again and again!

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