Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

So you have worked up your courage to have a personal conversation with me.


It would be helpful if you had already studied and understood my rules

- just click on this link if you have not yet.


I will expect you, my brave interested slave,

in my BDSM-Residence  81829 Munich -


right next to the New International Congress Centre in Riem ( ICM ).

 I will be pleased to meet you in person.


 It is recommended that appointments

 for long-term, overnight- and weekend-sessions

 in my studio of dominantion in Munich/Bavaria


 Session-tribute :
1 hour - dark room - € 150,--
- with clinic - € 180,--
- feminisation, role plays, 
and for a longer period -
according to agreement on location -


The detailed preliminary talk and final review,

also diverse "preparations", won't be charged ! 


are made well in advance.


If you make a binding appointment, 

 my  General Terms and Additions - ABG -  apply.


-When injustice becomes right, the resistance is obligated",

Bertold Brecht -


 Advance payments - deposits -  can be made as follows :


mail – address on request -

 You can top up my mobile phone ( D2, Vodafone )
 - easy to handle at any gas station or cash point - 
bank transfer or cash deposit :
 Stadtsparkasse München
 DE16 7015 0000 0109 1347 75
 account holder : Therapie-Center
 At the beginning of the session the outstanding payment of my fees
 will be charged cash with the amount, which has been already paid in advance.

 Tel. - Info - listen to my voice and "special things", 

get my address - by 3-minutes - answerphone -

 09005 - 9000 25 
 - Euro 1,99/Min.on the German landline network
 - mobile phone-connections can be different -
- you have read and studied my rules, haven't you? -

 then you may call me


 - I will only answer the phone if your caller ID is not blocked -

 Tel. : direct : 0174 - 40 59 162
 I will not answer your telephone call
if your caller ID is blocked !
 I also do ignore first-time SMS,
having more than 50 characters.
That is why eager scribblers being not able reading and understanding my „rules“,
may be they are not interested in anyway,
don't stand any chance when sending SMS
to have a good literary romp,
to get horny, to get my attention,
or only because they are feeling bored!


Deutsch - English - Castellano - Francais  written and spoken



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