Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

 Information about Adult-Baby-Fetish :


This extraordinary sexual practice - fields of the erotic ageplay -

is also called adult babysyndrome.


I am Comtesse Desiree,

and at this desperately wanting „Mother-Toddler-Play“

I will take on the role as a Mummy,
behaving to the baby in a wary and careful way as well

as in a unforbearing and disziplinary way.

 Even if you are an aunt, nursery nurse, governess, pediatric nurse or nun,

you all could be able to act in this special role play too.

 As he wants to realize his adult-baby-tendency

my proband is willingly wearing his panty free and easy.

The nappy inside will be used for his natural excretion.


 I like to complement this accomplishment

and allow crawling about to my baby-candidate

inside and outside of the playpen.

In between he carefully sips – juice, milk, tea -

out of his baby bottle again and again.

This is what he completely needs.


 Practicing this version of adult-baby,

I mostly include the realities into the SM-invironment,

but I do not mind disregarding them totally.

Finally I will be able to turn on the involved person with fetish games,

while the practical clothes and the requisites belonging to them

itensify his sexual desire. 


 My studio offers enough possibilities to improvise.

 So the maybe nonexistent, furniture and fixtures

which are suitable for children will be created.
You will not find only usual and popular utensils like baby clothes

– rubber panty with nappy inside,

sleepers or rompers - not only - of patent leather,

panties of plastic - dummy, cleaning and cosmetic care products,

nappies, but also baby's dishes, books of fairy tales,

toys and diverse teddy bears, puppets for cuddling.


 My „adult-infants“, wanting to live out their so called sexual infantilism,

often withdraw from me to dress up for a baby the whole shebang.

Possibly I will use this occasion to compliment and

– e. g. with a fine cereal – to reward them.

But many a time I have to scold,

because they have not drawn attention to themselves in time and crying.

For me this results in having to change again their nappies in no time at all.

This means, that once more the small child - still whining - needs cleaning

- with a soft sponge or wimp in the shower – washing, moisturizing, dusting.


 It is my responsibility to decide,

and of course it is up to our agreement we have reviewed together,

if it will come to an harmonic end.


 The one variation :

I put the adult-baby to bed tenderly,

I lull and sing it to sleep with a soft lullaby,

or I stroke it – while telling short stories – until it has been fallen asleep.

So it might feel completely mollycoddled and protected – until the end.

 The other variation :

The mother – or the other legal guardian – is over-worked,

nervous and thereby wrongful.

It needs just a little bit that the adult-baby is stroppy,

and so the little, unprotected stubborn person will get a punishment

– with a loud voice and some slaps on the baby-bum -

which does not seem to be quite fair.

The adult-baby cannot struggle against this punishment

but scream the place down.
Behaving dutifully and with a lot of good obedience

the compliant little boy is successful in smoothing the person by his side.

 If you - as an interested reader – consider all this dubious in any form,

perhaps you feel uncomfortable in your own skin,

then take a little time again to „study“ the following :


It was a scandalous liaison :

King Edward VIII and his dominatrix Wallis Simpson.



The liaison of the British King Edward VIII with Wallis Simpson
was the lovestory of the century and an outright scandal of the High Society.

 This American woman was the reason for his resignation 1936

– source : „Rotlichtbezirk“ -
She had a very good command ot

the amorous massage called „Fang-chung-shu“

- „art of bed chamber“ -, which was invented in China.

Visiting regulary whorehouses in Hongkong together with her previous husband,

she has learnt this special art.

Wallis Simpson was also able to apply other refined variations of sex.


Behaving like the type of a luxury nanny,

she was able to overcome that man, she wanted to possess,

and whenever he begged her for bathing him like a child, she has fulfilled his wish.

Beeing of slight build like a boy

she could make Edward's latent homosexuality dependent on her.

Her competent knowledge of the neutral handling of sexual defects and quirks

– e. i. the foot fetishism which was very popular -

she has learnt from the Chinese „daughters of joy“, was a very important help for her,

getting involved in the eccentric sexuality of the British heir apparent.


The biographer Highman has told about a very close friend of both,

who informed him literally

that Edward has been always a secret foot fetishist.

She recognized this tendency and considered it completely.

As he requested they contrived erotical adventures and games

– like scenes with nanny and child.

 He was wearing nappies, she was his mistress.

She was dominant, he enjoyed very much submitting to her.

She accepted his wants and applied them

– even those he would never have talked about vis-a-vis

Mrs. Dudley Ward and Thelma Furness.
Everlasting Edward was indebted to her,

and she knew that he also would be depended on her all life long.


Indeed, the lovestory of the century did not seem like a colored balloon

which is filled with romantic feelings sailing through clouds of candy floss.
This lovestory lived – like every overpowering relationship –

with the help of dark power
resulting from the ignored memory, illegal lust, shameful wishes.

More than all the other fancy women Edward carried on with,

Wallis personified the „nurse“, the „nanny“, for the prince he was longing for.

Especially the children's nurse, spooking - in sexual Nemesis 's likeness -

through the mind of the English upperclass men.

That is why in the past the nurse has been

an object of lust and a much feared taskmistress in one person.










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