Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree
Surprise in the elevator.
 Today – in arrangement with „humble Fridolin“,
of course that is not his name in real life -
I have made up a surprise being bestowed on him
before he goes into my studio...
When entering the elevator diverse „utensils“ are waiting for him,
and he is certain to amuse me more than usual!
Diver's suit and suitable glasses are hanging over a small kitchen chair.
Flippers in his size are lying aside on the ground,
together with a plastic pladdling pool which still has to be pumped up.
Looking at the tiny foot pump with adapter,
Fridolin has the feeling something bad is going to happen...
Unusual, sportive exercises will come up to him.
With big letters written on a piece of paper I have challenged him
to take off and to change his clothes completely and only then
– after having put on the slippers and wearing the diver eyeglasses –
I allow him to use the pump.
When the elevator's door opens,
after this exhausting, but ridiculous procedure has ended,
he notices two bigwatering cans standing beside the studio's entrance,
then he will know exactly, what he has to do now.

While expectantly ringing the bell,
his feet „decorated“ with slippers standing in the water,
he is able turning his head to the side just in time,
before a greasy rubber fish exploding in his face,
after I have flung the door open!
Everything else will be our personal secret.
It is not :
The story of the youth who went forth
to learn what fear was
- by the Brothers Grimm
but „the tale of a slave who tried going out
into the new, diffferent SM-world“.
 A while ago I have orientated myself otherwise
– another studio -, and I have faceplanted.
Talking about that, my mistress is laughing at me
and animates me to go into details.
My report is as follows : 
my ideas remained illusions -
my tendencies have not been respected -
my taboos have not been accepted -
my imaginations of SM have not been practiced -
little competence -
little fascination -
little passion of the dominatrix -
little intellect -
I felt that the equipment was bad -
the furniture inspired me imaginary -
the hygienic situation was anything but impressive -
the discretion left a lot to be desired -

I do not agree to sessions which are held in studios being far from quiet.

Now one of the said sessions was over.
For me it was simple and unemotional, I felt unsatisfied,
even duped and I was disappointed.
I looked at myself and at my watch thinking
– with a rather nonnatural bearing -
„that 's it“ or „why did I bother with this again“,
also „why I was not able starting off recognizing
that nothing interesting would have happened there".

Whereupon my mistress is responding to my questions :
„As you are subjected to your horniness
and your sexual lust again and again,
you will never abandon your hope, finally finding a studio which is nicer
– with a mistress treating you much more stronger –
and which is – psychic and physical – more suitable and higher quality.

After this explanation I feel much more lost,
and I exactly know, where I will be arriving again for the time being!
Well, building a snowman, what fun it can be...
Since many days it is cold –
really frosty, more then 15 degrees below zero  !
Unfortunately I have informed my mistress about going to Norway very soon.
I have received a good offer working there as a doctor.
As I have attended a 3-months-course – crash course –
I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge of this language.
My mistress is holding that it should be a good opportunity for me
getting used to this coldness and the involved effects,
but in reality she thinks of tantalizing me in an icy way
being together with her at the outdoor studio.
When looking through the french window
she is presenting me the totally snow covered roof terrace.
I already suspect what will be coming up to me :
After showering my hands and ankles are tied with cuffs of metal,
I get a silver coloured neck corset around my neck.
The eyes of mistress scrutinized my belly,
„ it is high time you will go to the fishes' home,
where you hopefully will be able to slim a lot.
Your paunch cannot be overlooked!“
Before I can weigh in
on being a little overweight therefore protected against the coldness,
referring to the Eskimos, who do eat – reasonably ! - oily and fatty,
she has already enfolded my – how she recognizes scornfully -
„potbelly“ with a black leather corsage, and she laces it strongly at the back.
I try to take a deep breath.
Madame is commenting this with „Be off to the roof garden.
You may draw breath a lot,more than you would like it!“
Now I am standing there, nude, frozen, looking around.
My mistress is coming along with a little shovel,
which reminds me of my childhood a long time ago.
Close to the sea on one of the East Frisian Islands
we were digging in the sand building sand castles.
I can imagine what she will be expecting from me now!
I start shovelling snow, I am digging into snow,
I form and roll the „white brightness“ like I would mix and stretch a dough.
Not even I do realize if I am sweating or if I am freezing.
My feet and my hands feel like pins and needles, my body trembles.
Indeed - after a long while it is here!
A white, half high monster with a fat, round bottom and a smaller top, representing a head.
„Good slave, very nice“ my trusted mistress praises me.
„Now you have to earn a reward,
before mutating into a „body make-up artist.“
I give her a questioning and shivering look with chattering teeth.
At this moment Madame puts me out of my misery :
She gets a big, wide fur coat and let me wrap up in this warming treat!
After having outfitted the snowman – of course according to SM style –
with mask, gag, neckband and patent leather shirt
I stick some canes into this icy body.
My mistress nearly appreciatively clapping her hands
which are wearing latex gloves
encourages me with an arm-swing to go to the terrace door.
 Finally the inside session I was longing for since many hours can start now,
A devoted servant tells you about something :

I am back again and around my country just since two days.
As  my mistress -  I am holding in reverence -  has confirmed
a new appointment yesterday evening,
I already do feel very nervous since that time.

While bending my head I am standing one meter away
from the entrance door of her Studio of Domination in Munich/Bavaria.

When she opens the door, I take a step forward until right below the doorway
and fall on my knees.

I use my tongue to humbly try catching
the point of her right leg’s black latex boot. 
Abruptly she is snatching her leg from me.
“Stop this, minion”, she barks at me, “stand up immediately!
While  putting  off your clothes you  explain me properly and clearly
where you have been for such a long time!” 

I feel really dizzy when standing upright,
and I look with one eye to the opened door. 
“It is your task to close it, or do you think I have to do it,”
she observes me strictly
giving me a strong shove.
As a good boy I turn around and quietly close the door.

carefully unbutton my jacket and trousers,
“I see” are the words of my dominatrix and
mistress I am adoring so much,
“even from behind I am able to recognize
that my well-off submissive
 is still wearing elegant tailor-made trousers”.

I nod in agreement and turn to her.
Her left arm points to a wing chair, where I lay down my
My slipover and shirt are following directly.
“Well, what is going on” she asks me impatiently, 
and she rivets on my body, when I am standing infront of her,
while wearing my
underwear and socks.
“Yes indeed, you should know, mistress”, I am mumbling,
“I know that I
necessarily should have taken leave of you before,
but the date for this business trip was
fixed at shortest notice, that...”
“that your fine and manicured”,
she dangerously emphasises
with her higher voice  the “u”,
fingers were not able to dial my telephone number”.
That is
the way she is interrupting my words, loudly and sarcastically.

Losing my way I put back my arms,
and I quietly overhear me saying : 
“you are right, mistress, you would better punish me for this offense."
Just at this moment she starts slapping me,

two slaps in the face on the right cheek, two on the left cheek, again and again.
slapping me she is shouting loudly and exactly
the several numbers of her telephone number.

I wordlessly swallow my anger
and have to put up with all which is happening to me.
telephone number is long,
because it is her mobile number with eleven numbers.
I look red heat-cheeked with pain when she is finally finishing her torture.

“This was the
little appetizer” she energetically explain
“I will take much more time than usually for the
main menu”,
she is looming and positioning quite closed infront of me,
pressing forward my
arms which are folded backwards.
When a tremor goes though me, I am met with smug
“well, you are a dead loss of a worm,
and we will continue our meeting
in a comfortable, adequate ambiance."
Meanwhile she has fixed the endings of both of my
– slapdash – with a short rope.
Her right hand grabs the fixation’s middle,
and she
is leaving me behind into her dominant empire,
her dungeon, her sanctuary of lust,
where she
is going to cane and agonize me, her naughty man.

Elitist filthy things
Today my little sl... pig has told me that it is coming to a session.
A blanket which seems to be like straw
has been inlayed by me on the floor of the backyard ‘s container.
You can also find a wooden bowl for water
and leftovers draped on an old ceramic plate.

As soon as Valentin, my sl... boar,
is standing vis-à-vis to me in the corridor of my SM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria
I joyfully look him in the nervous eye and see that he ... softly.

I order him to go to the bathroom upstairs and advise him to take the powder, 
which is ready to be used for his whole body after the shower.
As a good boy he heeds my advice.
My wish is your command,
and so he puts on a pink colored complete suit of the thin material of nylon.
The stocking company “F.” would take pleasure in knowing this...

Then I cover his head with a durable mask, 
which has the complete face of a pig,
so that his head and neck get stuck.
Valentin starts grunting and sinks to the marmoral floor.

I affix a strong big cord to his right hind foot,
both of his hands are tied behind his back with small ropes.
My slim piglet draws attention to himself.

As the boar should protect the beautiful and fine suit
– fixed and trapped like a tight pantyhose – against ripping,
I put and string it into a large potato sack of jute and ...  
 out of my BDSM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria.
After passing the corridor we reach the containers placed on the backyard.

There I allow him to put off the jute bag and to wallow to his heart’s content.
Naturally he boozes, burps and feeds.

Later we are back in my kitchen... 

I am not giving you any more clues
and keep it as a little secret how I have treated,
and what I have done with this comical, loudly squeling animal.
I do mention that we both did enjoy it very much indeed!

The performed magic with a chest
My minion - called A. - normally comes to see me regularly
at my own, private Studio of Domination in Munich/Bavaria,

Already  the last time
the present situation seemed  to me extremely kind, nearly funny.
I had engaged a nice, young lady, who was laughing permanently.
May be this was the reason that I had to notice and find out
how nonserious and obnoxious the atmosphere has been.

So much the better I felt today.

Minion A. could not come for a session within nearly the last six months
because he had to be on several business trips abroad at that time.
He used to call me in the meantime talking and complaining
about his longings for my agonising tortures - but nothing more!

Now I jump at the opportunity, to treat him as unpredictably as for a long time.

As soon he has entered the hall, I slap him in the face four times
– two right and two left side.

Then I order him to take his clothes off immediately excluding his underpants.

My new black chest of pain has all big and dangerous holes
to hold his necessary extremities captive.

Placed just beside the bar the chest is waiting for A. to get on it.
But minion A. tries to do so unsuccessfully.
His waist is to big.
That ‘s no problem for us because there are a lot of corsets
hanging upstairs in the theatre room.-

The strong ribbons lace his fat body.
so compactly that he nearly cannot not breathe.
But now : He is able to get on the chest panting for air!
Looking at him how he is stuck with his head and hands,
infront are his quivering feet,
I know that it was a good cause for me waiting for the last months
to now  take my anger out on him !

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