Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

Comtesse Desiree – a dominatrix 

with her own, private Studio 
of Domination in Munich/Bavaria and her life…

How could it happen, how was it possible to become a dominatrix ?
Do you think that being born with such a characteristic is the reason,
or that education was partly responsible?
Are you able to learn or to study it?
May be an important decisive factor was a bad or good experience?
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I do not want to engage to much in looking back in the history of mankind.

Some strong women have existed during many centuries, running a country,
and their power and cunning could exert influence in such a political way,
that it has resulted in  tortures and killing, even the existence of total warfare.

Already early in my younger days I learnt to
differentiate between charming and energetic,
whether adjustment without any restriction or freewill.

At college - academy -  and at work they called me
“the woman who shows a resolute and direct attitude”,
and I used to live by this economic motto “short-tight-clear”. - Rules -

In the years 1997 / 98 I started using and demonstrating
my private tendencies and abilities as a business too.

I started with psychological lifecoaching and feminisation

– in the range of transvestism and fetishism.

Shortly after I got involved with soft bizarrness,

which has developed quickly to less than soft bizarrness.

Later I practiced the soft dominance,

which has been turned to hard – but also sensitive ! – dominance.

This innovation has resulted from the needs,
longings and expectations of my clients
as well as to continuing to get, to take and savour new perspectives
in my BDSM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria.



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