Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

Courage for "corset-mania" ? ! :
corsages of leather ( with G-string ) in silver and red
- until size 6 XL ! - will support you.
 At the moment some - but more than a few - people
are engaged in saving money...
In contrast to me – I have invested money once more ! :
Due to requests again and again ! :
LATEX-, DATEX - overalls ( sizes S - 6 XL ! ) 
– plus suitable GLOVES and MASKS –
in good variety have arrived !
With this thick material these suits are made of
you will have much more fun in sweating...
Brand new is the offer of the „SM-patisserie“ ! :
Fine „silicone tartlets“ - 500, 1800, 2000 g –
backed of the „TV-pastry chef“

 A  role play with me
 in my own private Studio of Domination in Munich/Bavaria
is not only a factor of the costumes involved.

...rather it is characterized by spontaneous, intellectually stimulating ideas
and fantasies prepared  in a short time and acted out with pure empathy.
just click and listen !
 The candidate will be involved in my SM-Studio,
 if he is able or likes to play in an active way,
whether he knows how to do it or not. 
He may totally rely on me and my presence.
I will accept small scripts which the client has suggested, 
if they are to long, I will skim over the text.
I am professional and experienced scene setting.

For example :

The birth :

Your Doctor and / or without your midwife will care for you and support you
– from the beginning until the end.


 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...

Haughty reprimand for the rebellious delinquent. 
Instruction for the simple-minded minion.
 I degrade you as toilet servant.

Strick inspection and drill for the incapable farm-hand,

encouragement to become a male bimbo,
interesting slaxxx market-visit - with choice–.
Questioning of a guilty prisoner.
Admonition to the cheeky chambermaid,
understanding manageress becomes the blackmailer,

sardonic laughter at the hypochondriac patient.
Aunt strictly controls the "affair" of the inexperienced nephew.
Disparaging criticism from the elegant Lady.
Knowing governess becomes the intimate friend,

Sharp observation of the unsporty rider, untalented dancer
and of the nervous diver.
Tolerant nun who maliciously helps
the poor bad sinner relieving his conscience,
Private lessons for the lazy pupil - in the school room –.
Doubt about the trainee maid
Erotic club owner trains student an "alley cat".
Cautioning to the untrained employee and forgetful secretary.
Amusement over the deceived

The Chamber of Craft is testing the acceptance
of the apprentice ( female trained worker ) of a carpenter's shop,
and she is dismissing the situation indeed.
Disrespect for the beautiful narcissus
or for the followers of the "tourette syndrome",
diverse animal training – cage!–, really active pork butchxxx,
bizarre raxxx-plays – with the frivolous "Madame".

Rebuke for the moody vamp,
Good nun takes confession from naughty convent pupil
Attention of the curious neighbour,
old-fashioned boarding school teacher discovers
something under the bed covers of the pubescent boy …
Exclusive "consultation" for transvestites and fetishists
will be performed In my BDSM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria  .
Also Catwalk - and etiquettes - training.
( prostitute, B-girl, striptease dancer
and very important : Adult-Baby ! )
Instruction, make-up, versatility, tolerance,
conversation, impression, feminisation.
 My real disposition and passion force me 
to be the master of discipline and slavery

and so all your questions and images will be answered.

My personality sabotages your psyche.

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