Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree


Put yourself in the care of my „medical science

regarding to needlings - also "intimate acupuncture" - ,

infusions, injections.

 You can devotedly entrust yourselt to me completely.

I decide when

 bringing you back down to the „normal world“!

 You may get to know my extraordinary clyster and the various liquids

– with a consistency stimulating and revitalizing, or calming and cooling -

I will use.


The condition precedent to the necessary medical rectal checkup

with speculum and dildos.

 An excessive roleplay in my Studio of Domination and BDSM-Studio in Munich/Bayern

– from the intrauterine insemination to pregnancy and birth –

for the candidate interested in clinical sessions,

who has nerves of steel and is certainly longing for.
Your Doctor and / or without your midwife will care for you and support you

– from the beginning until the end.

It will be an event which you won't and cannot forget so soon.


Just like the medical checkup and medical treatment of your urethra

with intermittent catheter and the injection into scrotum and testes

 Wellcome to my "electronic-mirror-chamber"!

 Versatile electro-stim appliances and "power equipment"


- innovative and unique high-quality devices

 - await you here.

 Lying on the gynecological chair,  

sitting - or variously strapped to the commode chair -,

you can watch yourself in the huge mirror fixed to the ceiling.

you will be embarressed about your intimate shaving

you have to make according to my instructions and under my control.

 A right therapy for erection

– e. g. In connection with a presentation of chastity -

should keep clearly in mind in due time

and should include the force-feeding as well as the force-seed...






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