Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree
Sessions - from 2 hours! - NOW also possible on Sundays and public holidays.
At particularly lucrative conditions!
Please make an appointment in good time.
Deposit (e.g. PayPal, bank account) required for NEW customers.

BEGINNERS may like - also during the week! - one - AFFORDABLE! - "trial lesson".

Courage for "corset-mania"? ! :

 corsages of leather ( with G-string )  in silver and red
- until size 6 XL ! - will support you.

 At the moment some - but more than a few -  people
are engaged in saving money...
In contrast to me – I have invested money once more ! :
Due to requests again and again ! :
LATEX-, DATEX - overalls ( sizes S - 6 XL ! ) 
– plus suitable GLOVES and MASKS –
in good variety have arrived !
With this thick material these suits are made of
you will have much more fun in sweating...
Brand new is the offer of the „SM-patisserie“ ! :
Fine „silicone tartlets“ - 500, 1800, 2000 g –
backed of the „TV-pastry chef“...

 Even as a child I was seriously interested in men wearing costumes.

During my years of study in Venezuela

I tried to celebrate the carnival in Trinidad nearly every year.
My interest and passion for
men masquerading  as women made me come alive
– with fun as well as seriousness -.
Back in Europe I was attracted to
cabarets and shows of travestites again and again. 
There was no limit to my enthusiasm.
Right from the start of my work as a dominatrix
in  my own, private BDSM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria 
  I was sure of spending
a special  part of my time on feminisation and fetishism.
I went shopping with a lot of sympathy and empathy.
First I bought underwear, silk stockings and tights,
later flashy dresses
 – also rubber -, simple two-pieces
sweet blouses with frills and petticoats
 and nice leather skirts.
 I also bought nice high heels and wonderful boots
with heels 10 cm high in  all sizes.

 My candidates were crazy about that.
I cannot really explain my pleasurable feelings,
when the client is sitting in front of me,
- in my Studio of Domination in Munich -  
wearing a bathrobe and  looking forward to me as a make-up artist.
I take his head in both hands and concentrate myself.

I do prefer ambiguity. 
If we decide about being flashily-dressed I make him up very softly.
In the case of elegant or more normal clothes, the make-up
- not to be forgotten are the long eyelashes
and the long fake nails ! - will be more flashy.
We will both choose from one of many wigs and masks

also dresses.
If we have talked about roleplays before, the costumes have to be suitable.
Finally our pleasure and the amazement about this transformation
are a valuable contribution again and again.

The “styled surprise”
in my SM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria
 brings a feeling of success neither of us will want to miss.
Interview :



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