Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

Please do absolutely note,

that hypnotising you while having a BDSM-session

is NOT possible and indicated,

but could become dangerous.


This is no point of any concern,

you do neither have to be caucious nor to be biased!


My particular knowledge shows you,

that using hypnotic means being able getting

your inner body's special agreement, which can be helpful too.


This also means that while treating you I will

– not only when we exchange our joint and detailed ideas -

consider your requests.


Different practices of instructions and deepening

help me building up a verbal dialogue with your subconsciousness.

So I will put you in a situation which I find is appropriate.


Methods being soft at the beginning and becoming increasingly strong

are able to influence, resp. to manipulate your subconsciousness

depending on the deepness of the trance I will put you in .


Wether I give you a classical hypnosis or a modern,

I will hypnotize you – like it would be possible in a normal waking state –

either in a nearly commanding tone nor in a carefully

– nearly soft – way of suggestions,

which you would not recognize at all.


Before introducing hypnosis ,

I will accompany you with wariness to the way I have choosen,

Therefore you will be prepared for a deep trance.

We both work out your self-consciousness, your feeling being protected

and your positive attitude towards life.


The particular probands might find out

that a hypnosis can effect differently at the beginning.

Newcomers could behave ambivalently while getting a suggestion,

because their reactions seem to be curious and risky.
So - there are often some doubts when getting a hypnosis,

but those doubts are completely unfounded.


You're right !
Using my target and competent procedure since a short time

the interested men, dreaming of „disappearing“,

will get from me the legal possibility of floating and inebriated.

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