Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree
 At the moment some - but more than a few - people
are engaged in saving money...
In contrast to me – I have invested money once more ! :
Due to requests again and again ! :
LATEX-, DATEX - overalls ( sizes S - 6 XL ! )
– plus suitable GLOVES and MASKS –
in good variety have arrived !
With this thick material these suits are made of
you will have much more fun in sweating...
- slave Andreas can confirm that -


 Hello, candidate being interested in BDSM !

For a long time – or once again! - you are looking for...
The SM-experience you made in the past

was not always very favourable...


So it is pleasing and advantageous for you 

having found just now - while surfing the internet -

my internet presence as a mistress !

 As a well versed arbitress - for over 16 years -

I reside - with charisma and the right necessary feeling -
in a well kept building - office building - 

in my own amazing and stylishly furnished

- generous, interesting, discreet - ambience :

BDSM-hall with fireplace, 


nursery for the adult babies,

school room, small TV suite, clinic,

black chamber of jail - respectively dungeon,

at that 12 qm mirror-wall-catwalk

 A session

 would mean : for me :

to realize my passion seriously -


for you : you take part in a brilliant treatment 

without finding out any banal "handling one by one",

 I created an exquisite, absolutely pleasant ambience

to enable you


- as a cosmopolitan dominatrix also 

in the languages English, French, Spanish - 


 an enchanting play of education,

 including leading and consequence.

 My additional service : Hypnosis...


 Now I have piqued more than your thirst for knowledge,

haven't I ?

 So, do not stop reading more...!


 Staying at my private BDSM-Studiowhich has a personal flair,

 you will not only recognize my real tendency of domination 

 but you can take advantage of the fact,

that my treatment and my strict education are exclusive.


 I am standing by my profession - I have no need to hide myself

and admit my responsibility where required.

you do appreciate, that just we both are here only

with the SM-Toys.

 You are fascinated by the wide range of SM-furniture


and - in many sizes -


of BDSM-clothes,

 of SM-equipment

electric current

 and clinical equipment,

 also of footwear - especially only for you , in your size too! -

 You are interested in the real dominance,

 which is more than only wearing patent leather and nappa leather.

  That is why you now have found my refugium and me...


 ...your female master of your confidence !

 I will take care,

 that every SM- and every clinical session

 every role play and every feminisaton,

 every treatment of caning and foot fetish,

 you will have experienced with me,

 will have a special place in your head.


 You will remember our extraordinary meeting

 for a long time, and very soon

 you will be intensely desirous having such a session again.


 If you are willing

  slave, servant, butler, sub, inferior, other domestic, patient,

 or flagellant, masochist, adult-baby fetishist,  transvestite and DWT - 

 to devote yourself to me totally and to get involved with

 an enchanting play of pride  and  humility,

Then I will allow you accompanying me into my black labyrinth

 – my studio of domination - of vibrant ecstasy.


 Prove yourself take courage,

 and I will lead you to my bizarre world of burning desire and dark tortures.

 Distance and closeness – ignorance and acceptance.

 Be grateful,

 I will change your broken nature into a multi-faceted character,

 and I will  create the possibilities of your fantasies and dreams,

 which should be rather irritated meanwhile.

 May be you had to repress your forbidden desires

 and uninhibited lust for a long time,

 you had to ignore your special fetish

 – not only of latex, patent leather, plastic, leather, silk etc. -

  I will slyly laugh as my power takes control of you.

 So you nearly cannot keep your temper.

 It is the only desire you will have  : the total submission.


 At my whim I will take care of you :

 If you will prostate before me, falling to your knees,

 or if you are standing and drop your head in shame.

 In spite of my arrogance

 I will sensitively determine how I should use ...your body and mind, 

 and I will take malicious pleasure as from it.


 My mental and physical sensuality, controlled eroticism

 and the verbal shaping of my feminine passion,

 are components of your obsession and dependance on me.

 You will desire still more intensive punishment and

 – as a humble servant –  you will swear your total obedience to me.


As a reward for your miserable existence and the pain it entails

 I could sadistically animate

 titillating the different erogenous zones of my body,

 so I would be - sexually -  stimulated.

But this would be exclusively on my terms...


 You should not underestimate my control,

 insignificant „individual of a slave“.

 So you care for your sovereign in a submissive way,

 and you will miserably realize, that in fact I only have instructed all

 living out my sexual desires, which have been combined with

 your submissive and masochistic tendencies.

 If you should be a beginner in the BDSM-scene,

 I am highly pleased that you have taken your path in my direction,


As you are a newbie, 

 I will apply my dominance slowly and with care and understanding

 into your body and into your soul.


Be sure, that I even more will consider and I will take more time,

to satisfy your curiosity and nervousness. 


Under these aspects you will be able to benefit from

my attention and energy to a special extend!


 If you are not confused about my preceding words,

 but you are enthusiastic and full of expectation,

 then nothing will stand in the way of a personal meeting.


 Just overcome your timidity and contact me.


Forget your doubts and imagine that impressive moment,

 when I am standing directly in front of you with my magic eyes

 at my domination-studio in Munich

 – in my mystic and sacred place of solace and discipline.

 As mentioned above

 my BDSM-Studio and surroundings offer complete discretion


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 Attention !

For some time special BDSM-Studios are - still ! -

 offering and administering intravenously

 the medicament Procaine.


 I specifically like to point out that I distance myself from such a drug :

 1) Procaine is dangerous to life

 2) It is forbidden for studios using Procaine

 3) Procaine is addictive – one treatment is often enough getting addicted!!!


If a studio wants to improve the turnover using Procaine

 and hopes to increase the customer applying with such a method,

 I personally feel terribleness and shamefulness

 for the women practising this kind of domination.


 A competent dominatrix should always take responsibility

 for her treatment and the fairness towards the customer.

 She should not take advantage of the customer's trustfulness and constitution

 – psychic and physical – while gambling in a way like „russian roulette“.



 Notice !


Poor fools, who are not really interested

 and only try to misuse my homepage for their simple „mental abuse“,
 should expect no sympathy from me
 and should leave this page immediately!
 This also applies to born fools, who try to test my dominance
 playing a cat-and mouse game with me.
 Believe me, that won't work but may lead to serious consequences.
Notice my general terms and conditions - AGB!
- "When injustice becomes right, the resistance is obligated",
Bertold Brecht -




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