Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

Based on multiple inquiries

half-hour appointments for an anal session

are possible from now on.
But this time is exclusively referring only to

this special, so-called treatment

taking place in my bizarre clinic.  


 Welcome to the German people – let the show begin !

 The political circus is guesting for quite some – too much ! - time !

 Wether as a circus director or assistent, wether as a clown or magician,

jugglers, animal tamers, acrobats or other artists

– ALL those want only one thing :
Drill and train the German people,

maximize their fear,

sensitize them with punishments and threats,
irritate them with new statements, constantly new informations

– and EVIL TIDINGS ! - again and again.


The high-spirited ape, who seeks company is not ALLOWED.
The lion roaring against – the system – has to GROW its mane – and claws !
Horses which do not present enough grace, have to WAIT getting their oats - „to go“.
The elephant turning its trunk in the other direction,

has to QUEUE when reaching the water hole.
Sea lions, not beeing able catching the ball fast enough

are not ALLOWED going for swimming.
The tiger who cannot balance well on an iron ball, will be CAGED and LOCKEDUP.
Bears not beeing able to sit up and beg, because they are well along in years,

but old, are ISOLATED from their partners.


All animals that do what is imposed and prescribed for them, receive a reward,

a so-called "treat" - of fish, meat, vegetables, plants ...


We obedient people will get the guarantee of a less strong lockdown

by certain - PATRONIZING ! - politicians

or  - as is currently particularly popular or carried out under orders ! -
 an FFP2 mask purchased free of charge from the pharmacy - it has to be this ! -

which forces us to gesticulate with our head more than communicate with our mouth.


Personal contact is disappearing moreand more quickly.

In order to avoid this “dangerous” closeness, under certain circumstances in prisons
there is an individual order, prisoners get SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

Do the last fools finally notice what ALL THAT is heading towards ?!


WHAT do THESE ANIMALS of this horrible variety show want !?


They are looking forward in getting the same as WE ! :
Finally freedom, happiness, light-heartedness, carelessness



No consideration for politicians,

who offhandedly ON THE SPUR OF THE MOMENTS have sidelined our laws
respectively chanced and repealed ACCORDING TO THEIR CONCEPTIONS,

who do not accept against us having made a GROSS MISTAKE

and still allure us with promises, which will be unfulfilled

and will more and more drifting us into ruin, who operate the police

– who unbelievably thank the squealers for their job ! -

like weaponizing them against us.


THIS is supposed to be DEMOCRACY ? If all of this was not so unspeakably sad,

you would have to shake your head with a smile !


- Thomas Jefferson -


Six "helpful ladies" like to remind you of them ! :

The "FEMALE RUBBER SLAVE" Uschi - tender, cuddly and willing -


the "suck-"and "hard-rubber-machines" - without mercy - ...,

the "toilet-fairy" - for sweet plashing and other intimate "conversation" - ...

and the two "electrik witches" - more than varied - ...

 In the not yet foreseeable future I am looking for and I need :

People helping me when I am moving -  quite close to the actual location  -

and ( amateur- ) workmen for electrical-, sanitary-, painting-, glas-,

dry lining-work, floorer and carpentry !

 +++Corona virus-mania – There's an end of it !+++

 Instead of pleasure and enjoyment

we still come to know measures of constraint and prohibitions !
That 's why our freedom is restricted, our dignity is violable ! 


Fear and horror, hysteria and phobia are still powerful enough breeding a ground for :

commands and controls, manipulation and isolation,

lethargy and melancholy, resignation and depression,

aggression and – one of the worst traits – denunciation,

not to mention the enormous economic loss !

 How long should this kind of obedience even take ?

How many problems with breathing, heart-  and headache it needs

– not only because wearing a „muzzle“ - finding out that they abound.

 Unknown ?!:

In Germany every year 20.000 persons die of „normal influenza“,

30.000 of hospital bugs,

more than 75.000 of sepsis – blood poisoning – which has not been realized.

Take care for your psyche, your physis will thank you for this attention !

 Extravagant, red patent leather boots

– without any problems for beginners

trying to walk this way for the first time -

up to German size of 48 ( i. e. also in your size! ) – have arrived !

 Just as a silky, shiny bondage sack with a cap and arms,

sewn inside to fix you there.

Ideal for sleeping and sweating in a bag for my „naughty mummies“.

And the straight sack -

no chance for your arms and legs to stretch out!


 New furniture - new photos... 

for example : this rack - unique with a speciel mirror -

so you will be able keeping an eye on yourself...


 New rooms are available for friends of the adult-baby-education!

 Cot, playpen, appropriate utensils and clothes make it possible

that the enthusiast of adult-baby-education
will be able to act out his tendencies with passion and in the reality.

 Special attraction :

a rocking-horse - in the size of a live pony !


For this reason the biggest „baby“ will have space enough

for riding and seesawing.

 Instead of wearing sensitive, thin latex outfits –

you wear robust, strong wetsuits,
instead of wearing normal SM-sturdy shoes –

you wear unusual flippers,
insteadt of using masks of leather, latex, plastic, patent leather

– you use diving mask or diver eyeglasses with tube for breathing.

 You are interested in getting to know it?
While playing a strong or amusing roleplay?...

 Get in touch with me – for having an extraordinary session!


Attention !

 For some time special BDSM-Studios are - still ! -

offering and administering intravenously

 the medicament Procaine.

 I specifically like to point out that I distance myself from such a drug :

 1) Procaine is dangerous to life

 2) It is forbidden for studios using Procaine

 3) Procaine is addictive – one treatment is often enough getting addicted!!!

 If a studio wants to improve the turnover using Procaine

 and hopes to increase the customer applying with such a method,

 I personally feel terribleness and shamefulness

 for the women practising this kind of domination.

 A competent dominatrix should always take responsibility

 for her treatment and the fairness towards the customer.

 She should not take advantage of the customer's trustfulness and constitution

 – psychic and physical – while gambling in a way like „russian roulette“.










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