Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree


 Just arrived :
Red coloured plastic-rubber sack paltering with you !
Get a whole-body fixation at its finest

- especially when you are trapped in a latex-suit additionally
...and / or - not only - thick ropes "do prevent" you from escaping...
A feast for my eye !



Courage for "corset-mania" ? ! :

corsages of leather ( with G-string )  in silver and red

- until size 6 XL ! - will support you.



 At the moment some - but more than a few - people

are engaged in saving money...

In contrast to me – I have invested money once more ! :
Due to requests again and again ! :
LATEX-, DATEX - overalls ( sizes S - 6 XL ! ) 

– plus suitable GLOVES and MASKS –

in good variety have arrived !

This special latex overall with a thickness of 1,2 mm

is particularly suitable for those candidates,

who are much more taller and stronger

and had not been interested yet - until now, -

in putting on a „normal“ latex suit.

Either it seemed to be to skinny or to strange.

They could use this piece – apart from sweating and lack of mobility –

as pyjamas !

Usable here in my studio in the sizes S - XXXL !

Yet another „normal“ latex-suit with the thickness of 1,2 mm,

as the expert knows :

Stand-up collar, three-way zip, wearable on the back and on the front.

As this extraordinary overall is more suitable – sizes M – XXXL -

for specialists appreciating it,

the sceptic beginners can use it under my leadership.

The datex-overall is similar...


Brand new is the offer of the „SM-patisserie“ ! :

Fine „silicone tartlets“ - 500, 1800, 2000 g –

backed of the „TV-pastry chef“...



Attention – watch out!



My new location :
7 rooms - discreet - generous – more than 200 qm -
own parking place - inner courtyard
Since the 9 st of September 2021 I reside

in my new studio in the east of Munich

– 81637 Munich, close to the Neumarkter Straße -

about 10 minutes away from the prior studio

- close to the town -

600 m away from the subway, 200 m to bus and tramway. 


Large salon with fire place and equiment

setting the slave's submissive heart

aflutter in a higher and humbler way.
SM room,

where effects and furniture are confusing the delinquent...
TV suite - wooden

- all in the colours of yellow and white -

– with all the trimmings.
Clinic – details should not be necessary – is super !
Adult-baby room - rose and bleu -
Schoolroom – nearly like a snuggery
Dungeon, respectively jail

– completely black and very small –

in comparison every prison cell is luxurious!
Retro-bathroom - an adventure -
Let me surprise you – wait and see!


Super latex-mask for erotic asphyxiation from England

- hand made - has just arrived!


 The quite "sportive slaves" will be able using a high quality shoulder pole!



Based on multiple inquiries

half-hour appointments for an anal session

are possible from now on.
But this time is exclusively referring only to

this special, so-called treatment

taking place in my bizarre clinic.  


 Five "helpful assistants" like to remind you of them ! :

 the "suck-"and "hard-rubber-machines" - without mercy - ...,

the "toilet-fairy" - for sweet plashing and other intimate "conversation" - ...

and the two "electrik witches" - more than varied - ...

Also "percussion instruments...only some are pictured here.

...masks, as far as your eye can see... 

 Extravagant, red and black patent leather boots

– without any problems for beginners

trying to walk this way for the first time -

up to German size of 52 ( i. e. also in your size! ) – have arrived !

 Just as a silky, shiny bondage sack with a cap and arms,

sewn inside to fix you there.

Ideal for sleeping and sweating in a bag for my „naughty mummies“.

And the straight sack -

no chance for your arms and legs to stretch out!


 New furniture - new photos... 

for example : this rack - unique with a speciel mirror -

so you will be able keeping an eye on yourself...


 New rooms are available for friends of the adult-baby-education!

 Cot, playpen, appropriate utensils and clothes make it possible

that the enthusiast of adult-baby-education
will be able to act out his tendencies with passion and in the reality.

 Special attraction :

a rocking-horse - in the size of a live pony !


For this reason the biggest „baby“ will have space enough

for riding and seesawing.

 Instead of wearing sensitive, thin latex outfits –

you wear robust, strong wetsuits,
instead of wearing normal SM-sturdy shoes –

you wear unusual flippers,
insteadt of using masks of leather, latex, plastic, patent leather

– you use diving mask or diver eyeglasses with tube for breathing.

 You are interested in getting to know it?
While playing a strong or amusing roleplay?...

 Get in touch with me – for having an extraordinary session!


Attention !

 For some time special BDSM-Studios are - still ! -

offering and administering intravenously

 the medicament Procaine.

 I specifically like to point out that I distance myself from such a drug :

 1) Procaine is dangerous to life

 2) It is forbidden for studios using Procaine

 3) Procaine is addictive – one treatment is often enough getting addicted!!!

 If a studio wants to improve the turnover using Procaine

 and hopes to increase the customer applying with such a method,

 I personally feel terribleness and shamefulness

 for the women practising this kind of domination.

 A competent dominatrix should always take responsibility

 for her treatment and the fairness towards the customer.

 She should not take advantage of the customer's trustfulness and constitution

 – psychic and physical – while gambling in a way like „russian roulette“.










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