Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree

Due to numerous requests ! :

I now also offer BDSM massages!


If you are curious and ready?
You will be the sparing partner : body fisting - full contact.
Guest lecturer „Kay“ will test you – as to readiness to combat and any influence -

under the guidance of me, Mistress Desiree.



 Since May 2023 I have planned and furnished in a new way

an inspiring location

– the SM- darkroom – for you, the candidate of the „special cases“ ,

allowing you the „complete seclusion.
„Totally concentrated“ you are bething of your vulgar-obscene fantasies,

your shameless, indecent dreams, your sinful, immoral wishes.

Only fire burning in the fireplace

could be a bright spot for the absolute darkness.

May be you are lying – poseyed with ropes ! - on the vaulting box,

or trapped in the cage – with handcuffs, chains, prison clothes -,

otherwise you will be tied to a pulley while bondaged in a rubber bag.

My presence and demand will controll and animate you,
when you potentially will stimulate you or relax

sitting on the comfortable leather couch.
Slowly your eyes and body get used to the black ambience...

Isolation pure !


Additionally there do exist the "interrogation-cell" ! :

No chance to escape ! Brainwashing - no mercy...

 Just arrived :
Red coloured plastic-rubber sack paltering with you !
Get a whole-body fixation at its finest

- especially when you are trapped in a latex-suit additionally
...and / or - not only - thick ropes "do prevent" you from escaping...
A feast for my eye !



Courage for "corset-mania" ? ! :

corsages of leather ( with G-string )  in silver and red

- until size 6 XL ! - will support you.



 At the moment some - but more than a few - people

are engaged in saving money...

In contrast to me – I have invested money once more ! :
Due to requests again and again ! :
LATEX-, DATEX - overalls ( sizes S - 6 XL ! ) 

– plus suitable GLOVES and MASKS –

in good variety have arrived !

This special latex overall with a thickness of 1,2 mm

is particularly suitable for those candidates,

who are much more taller and stronger

and had not been interested yet - until now, -

in putting on a „normal“ latex suit.

Either it seemed to be to skinny or to strange.

They could use this piece – apart from sweating and lack of mobility –

as pyjamas !

Usable here in my studio in the sizes S - XXXL !

Yet another „normal“ latex-suit with the thickness of 1,2 mm,

as the expert knows :

Stand-up collar, three-way zip, wearable on the back and on the front.

As this extraordinary overall is more suitable – sizes M – XXXL -

for specialists appreciating it,

the sceptic beginners can use it under my leadership.

The datex-overall is similar...


New is the offer of the „SM-patisserie“ ! :

Fine „silicone tartlets“ - 500, 1800, 2000 g –

backed of the „TV-pastry chef“...


 Super latex-mask for erotic asphyxiation from England

- hand made - has just arrived!


 The quite "sportive slaves" will be able using a high quality shoulder pole!


 Five "helpful assistants" like to remind you of them ! :

 the "suck-"and "hard-rubber-machines" - without mercy - ...,

the "toilet-fairy" - for sweet plashing and other intimate "conversation" - ...

and the two "electrik witches" - more than varied - ...

Also "percussion instruments...only some are pictured here.

...masks, as far as your eye can see... 

 Extravagant, red and black patent leather boots

– without any problems for beginners

trying to walk this way for the first time -

up to German size of 52 ( i. e. also in your size! ) – have arrived !

 Just as a silky, shiny bondage sack with a cap and arms,

sewn inside to fix you there.

Ideal for sleeping and sweating in a bag for my „naughty mummies“.

And the straight sack -

no chance for your arms and legs to stretch out!


 New furniture - new photos... 

for example : this rack - unique with a speciel mirror -

so you will be able keeping an eye on yourself...


 New rooms are available for friends of the adult-baby-education!

 Cot, playpen, appropriate utensils and clothes make it possible

that the enthusiast of adult-baby-education
will be able to act out his tendencies with passion and in the reality.

 Special attraction :

a rocking-horse - in the size of a live pony !


For this reason the biggest „baby“ will have space enough

for riding and seesawing.

 Instead of wearing sensitive, thin latex outfits –

you wear robust, strong wetsuits,
instead of wearing normal SM-sturdy shoes –

you wear unusual flippers,
insteadt of using masks of leather, latex, plastic, patent leather

– you use diving mask or diver eyeglasses with tube for breathing.

 You are interested in getting to know it?
While playing a strong or amusing roleplay?...

Get in touch with me – for having an extraordinary session!

 I charge for an hour - according to prior agreement -

black area - depending on the intensity - from € 220,-- until € 250,--
white area - clinic and cabinet of electricity - € 250,--

Latex-session € 300,--
"medical trance with balance" ( medical attendance including euphoria based on sedation  ) 

- as end of July 2023 - € 400,--
during of longer time of sessions - ( possibly lump sum- ) fee by arrangement
***no-obligation consultation with a tour around the studio - ca. 1/2 an hour - € 100,--*** 


Attention !

 For some time special BDSM-Studios are - still ! -

offering and administering intravenously

 the medicament Procaine.

 I specifically like to point out that I distance myself from such a drug :

 1) Procaine is dangerous to life

 2) It is forbidden for studios using Procaine

 3) Procaine is addictive – one treatment is often enough getting addicted!!!

 If a studio wants to improve the turnover using Procaine

 and hopes to increase the customer applying with such a method,

 I personally feel terribleness and shamefulness

 for the women practising this kind of domination.

 A competent dominatrix should always take responsibility

 for her treatment and the fairness towards the customer.

 She should not take advantage of the customer's trustfulness and constitution

 – psychic and physical – while gambling in a way like „russian roulette“.










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