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Attention !

 Due to the new corona-regulations it is now again possible

making an appointment

- in consideration of the regulations of hygiene -

in my location! 


+++Corona virus-mania – There's an end of it !+++

Instead of pleasure and enjoyment

we came to know measures of constraint and prohibitions !
That 's why our freedom was restricted, our dignity is violable ! 



Fear and horror, hysteria and phobia are still powerful enough

breeding a ground for :

commands and controls, manipulation and isolation,

lethargy and melancholy, resignation and depression,

aggression and – one of the worst traits – denunciation,

not to mention the enormous economic loss !


How long should this kind of obedience even take ?

How many problems with breathing and headache it needs

– because wearing a „muzzle“ -

finding out that they abound.


Take care for your psyche, your physis will thank you for this attention !



 New rooms are available for friends of the adult-baby-education!

 Cot, playpen, appropriate utensils and clothes make it possible

that the enthusiast of adult-baby-education
will be able to act out his tendencies with passion and in the reality.

 Special attraction :

a rocking-horse - in the size of a live pony !

For this reason the biggest „baby“ will have space enough

for riding and seesawing.

 Instead of wearing sensitive, thin latex outfits – you wear robust, strong wetsuits,
instead of wearing normal SM-sturdy shoes – you wear unusual flippers,
insteadt of using masks of leather, latex, plastic, patent leather

– you use diving mask or diver eyeglasses with tube for breathing.

 You are interested in getting to know it?
While playing a strong or amusing roleplay?...

 Get in touch with me – for having an extraordinary session!

My new BDSM location :

much more interesting – 6 rooms -

much more discretion – own elevator -
much more generous – 200 qm -

 Since the 1 st of May 2018

I reside in my new studio of domination

in the east of Munich

– 81829 Munich, near to the Valentin-Linhof-Straße –

about 5 minutes away from the prior studio.

Let me surprise you – wait and see!


Attention !

 For some time special BDSM-Studios are - still ! -

offering and administering intravenously

 the medicament Procaine.


I specifically like to point out that I distance myself from such a drug :

 1) Procaine is dangerous to life

 2) It is forbidden for studios using Procaine

 3) Procaine is addictive – one treatment is often enough getting addicted!!!


If a studio wants to improve the turnover using Procaine

 and hopes to increase the customer applying with such a method,

 I personally feel terribleness and shamefulness

 for the women practising this kind of domination.


A competent dominatrix should always take responsibility

 for her treatment and the fairness towards the customer.

 She should not take advantage of the customer's trustfulness and constitution

 – psychic and physical – while gambling in a way like „russian roulette“.










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