Comtesse Desiree Comtesse Desiree


My additional service : Hypnosis...


Come and find my machine of lust in my

Studio of Domination in Munich/Bavaria !
Which is extremely genial :

Regulation of pressure and circulation

Inspection of orgasm
Intensity training
Function of virility
Forcing and interrupting of the ejaculation
- which will be supplementary under "medical control"... !

Total sexual excitation

Any further questions – contact me!



 The birth :

Your Doctor - and / or without your midwife -  

will care for you and support you

– from the beginning until the end.


"Special intermezzo" :

a session without words, non-verbal - my attentive, face-to face-interaction,

I gesticulate and touch you

- we both can only hear you wailing, moaning, sobbing...

 My antic pew and my confessional box - with glory-hole -

are waiting for you in my private SM refugium.
Kneeling down you tell me all about your dreams...

which I am going to comment on it.

 Find and try a "buck up-adventure"



 corsets for your neck

 Come and be amazed : different - "assistance" - "masturbation barbells"!


See my steel cage
Nothing less than perfect is good enough for me.

So you and your whole body - inside of the cage -

can be fixed and tied.

Therefore you will specially cut a good figure.


 You want to break free from this sub's chair or from this pulley yourself ?

No chance!


Remarkable roleplays :

Your appearance as an exhibitionist!
Presentation as a king 's jester!
Apprenticeship as a reptile!

Sutler training.

 Hour of fairy tales :
I will dress you up as "Snow White"
and you will be locked up in my new - but dark instead of glassy - coffin. 
Stuck there you have to wait until one of the seven"dwarfs" 
shows up to put you out of your misery 
and "take care" of you and your sexuality. 
All according to my instructions and control - needless to say!

 Metaphoric dependence... 

in my BDSM-Studio in Munich/Bavaria will still be a secret until your first visit !

More and more servants are interested to appear only in my SM Studio

and come to meet only me, exclusively and regulary.

I support them in descenting into their unusual world.
So they will be immersed in the intensive and extreme experience of BDSM.
I have devised a certain concept,

which will guarantee a suspense forevermore.


Even when far away from my studio the servant’s willpower is forced 

to experience the session only together with my person

and under my supervison and care.

More probably than not I could allow you to
pay homage to my body on the following terms :

The  true tendency and real attendance should be evident
and recognizable on the part of the sub, before I could come to a decision,

Expecting that the submissive man keeps the same condiditions
I could think about using ... for my erotik redress and amusement. 

In consideration of my special strategy I strengthen the domination 
and force him – as my subjectinto accepting me as his superior mistress.
So he even  feels the mental and physical bondage

- I am  imposing on him -
in his familiar sourrounding and atmosphere too.

He can hardly wait to meet me and slip into his different identity again
and forget about that person
he had been a short while ago.

 This kind of humble persons need to contact me again and again

and will remember me again and again.
Indeed, when they are exclusively ready to serve

and obey without contradiction,
when they devote themselves to me and take up a subordinate role to me,
they will have to accept my method with enthusiasm.
They will like coming to terms with their fate,
and they will be glad walking through the new door 
I have "designed" and opened for them...


 Attention,  all fetishists who like foot : note and notice the other variant :

Fetish for hands :
Imagine, you touch a kiss on my hands, which will box your ears afterwards,
you are tasting my nails, which will pinch you later,

you pet the back of my hand, which is beating you then,
you worship every single finger, which will mistreat you in the end.

Tourette Syndrome
Until now ?! I think that I am the only dominatrix  who is able to present you
- as an individual patient - this "special" roleplay.
I will treat you and your "tourette syndrome"...not only in the medical way.

Vow of chastity
Well, I will find out if you really have the heart to contact me,
to get a “long term treatment without any verse from the bible”.
May be only your head was spinning for a second,
because you had a lot of fantasies on your mind.
It is a privilege that I dedicate my attention to you.

My “choreography” :
 First of all you and your chastity
have to devote yourself completely and totally in advance to me.

Then I will dictate the whole programme and come to a decision :
When, how and how long I will allow you
to attend me with your soul "and the like".

You purchase your chastity-belt
– or chastity-cage, chastity-corset repectively –.
If you don’t have any possibility to complete my order,
you may beg in a most humble way for my help.
If necessary I will purchase it for you against a payment in advance, 
to reimburse my expenses. 
You come around and I will lock the chastity-belt closed and keep the key.

Later I will explain to you at what time you have to appear in person
for tasting my method of severe discipline relating to your personal hygiene.

I allow you to use nothing else but my shower for cleaning and body care.
When you will arrive I will already leave the tap running...
notice that I have devious thoughts...
I immediately tie your both hands, and you will stay in and close to the water,
until I think that it is enough for you.

I approve to use your shower or pool at home
– but only if necessarily required -.
Indeed I will prohibit specifically taking a bath
in one of these outdoor pools,
in the sea or ocean.

Now it is up to you – as an interested delinquent
experiencing perfectly both  mental and physical submission

Give me sufficient notice,
because my pleasure and desire to control,
devil and dominate 
a minion wearing a chastity-belt,
have limited availability.

Now, you only have to call to beg me, your mistress, for an appointment. 
Don’t forget to pay attention to my "rules".


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